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It’s been years I am coding different stuff. All self-practiced by the contents shared by many many awesome developers all around a world which dare to provide what they’ve learnt, to others, for free. It was then I realized it’s time for me to do the same thing and teach others what I’ve learnt.

I have Artificial Intelligence background but stuck in engineering world for long. I have mostly worked in .NET and C# (which I love it); I have also explored open source and other technologies such as AngularJs, MEAN stack, etc. in few projects.

Most of the contents are my own self-notes and are areas which I had assigned a task to do. So I gathered information from different books or blogs to do it; the result is a tutorial based note so I can share it with others.

So there you go, enjoy exploring DispatcherTimer.com, let me know if there is anything wrong with any content, they are just my experiences and the way I made things work.

Happy Coding 🙂

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